Manga – Black Yellow

The artwork is inspired by the fascinating world of manga. The combination of this recognizable style with a sleek modern twist makes this work of art unique and contemporary. The bright yellow tones give the artwork an energetic and striking look, while the deep black provides a sharp contrast that emphasizes the mystery and power of the character.

Whether you are a manga enthusiast, an art collector looking for an innovative piece, or simply want to enjoy a visual masterpiece, this acrylic glass artwork is sure to impress. It is a perfect complement to any interior style, from modern to eclectic.

By investing in this piece of art, you not only get a beautiful decorative piece, but also a valuable piece of art that reflects the evolution of art and technology in today’s society. This image is a wonderful wall decoration for lovers of manga, anime or Japanese art in general. It can be a great addition to your interior and is a real eye-catcher in any room.

Bij dit schilderij willen we u informeren dat alle verkopen uitsluitend plaatsvinden via de winkel van de Cultuurfabriek. Elk kunstwerk is voorzien van een certificaat van echtheid en is persoonlijk gesigneerd door de kunstenaar, Jasper van den Oever.

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