GenZ Exposition

Paintings Exposed – Jaarbeurs Utrecht

4, 5, 6 April 2024

Welcome to my personal website, where I invite you to explore this exhibition that serves as a compelling and inspiring portrait of a generation poised to revolutionize the world. Through my artworks, I aim to spark dialogue and encourage visitors to embrace unique perspectives and adopt a fresh outlook on various matters. Together, let’s engage in meaningful conversations about the complexities of our world today, fostering mutual understanding and empathy.

My mission as a painting artist is to inspire others to live in freedom through the revolutionary act of inner exploration. I believe in the transformative power of becoming conscious, trusting our feelings, embracing love, and following intuition. Rejecting the fear-based, hierarchical structures of Western society, I advocate for a path of self-discovery and empowerment, where individuals find true liberation by reconnecting with themselves.

This painting captures the intricate world of social media. Illustrated by tangled threads, intertwined connections, and mobile devices, symbolizing the multifaceted nature and rapid pace of social media; inviting viewers to contemplate the pervasive influence of social media on our lives, relationships, and society as a whole.

This intriguing painting portrays a captivating fusion of humanity and technology, as depicted by the half-human, half-robotic face symbolizing the intricate interplay between free will and external influences. Prompting profound reflection on the essence of humanity and the challenges of navigating a world increasingly shaped by technology.

This compelling painting embodies the new generation striving for positive change and equality, shifting away from hierarchical control towards a era guided by love, compassion, and intuition, symbolized by someone painting over the old power structures serving as a testament to the power of awareness and love as driving forces for a better world.

This powerful painting boldly speaks of protest and disruption. Yearning for change towards a society free from selfishness, greed, and the dominance of outdated ideologies. It reflects the energy of revolution ready to ignite, serving as a reminder of the urgent need for change.

This vibrant painting captures the essence of our fast-paced, technologically-driven world, with neon colors and coded imagery symbolizing the constant evolution of artificial intelligence and digital connectivity prompting viewers to contemplate their role within this dynamic digital landscape and the profound impact of technology on our lives.